Are you an undergraduate student interested in demography and statistics for social science research? 

This is your page!

Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (NYU SOCSC-UH 1010Q)

In this course you will learn the use of statistical methos in social science research. It comprises five grand sections which will indtroduce you to the basics of statistics, data visualisation and analysis. Our final goals are to have a command of descriptive and inferential statistics, develop the ability to distinguish between populations and samples, develop skills in experimental design, learn how to summarise and analyse statistical findings, gain proficiency in fundamental hypotheses testing, and communicate statistical insights. You will use data that will also allow you to master the basics of (yes, you will!) statistical programs and coding.

Research Methods for Social Policy (LSE SP201)

This course provides you with a comprehensive introduction to methods of social research in social policy. You will learn how to be familiar with the stages of the research process and different approaches to social policy research, appraise different methods and their appropriateness to particular questions, be able to conduct and clearly present the results of basic analyses of quantitative and qualitative data, be able to critically assess research studies and their use of methods and, no less important, understand the ethical issues involved in conducting research.