Research in progress

Papers Under Review

Torrisi, O. Wedding amidst war? Armed conflict and teen marriage in Azerbaijan. Revise and resubmit.

Perelli-Harris, B., Torrisi, O., Head, M., and Brackestone, K. "Demographic and household composition of refugee and internally-displaced Ukraine populations: findings from an online survey". Under review.

Aburto, J.M., Riffe, T., Di Lego, V., van Raalte, A., Kashyap, R. and Torrisi, O. "A global assessment of the impact of violence on lifetime uncertainty". Under review. (pre-print available).

Talani, S., Torrisi, O., Rosina, M., Deliperi, R. and Monteleone, G. “Onward migration and the case of the Italo-Bangladeshi community’s relocation to the United Kingdom”. Under review.

In Progress

"The impact of early union formation on intimate partner violence in Colombia".

"Estimating excess mortality in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war" with Karlinsky, A.

"Defining, identifying and estimating stateless populations: a review of the literature" with Alexander, M and Alexander, R.

"A demographic documentation of ISIS’s attach on the Yazidi village of Tal Qasab, Tal Banat and Mount Sinjar" with Cetorelli, V., Ashraph, S. and Ilyas, B.

"The impact of Covid-19 on disposable income and healthcare access in El Salvador" with Lagarde, M. and C.J. Riumallo-Herl.