Research in progress

Manuscripts Under Review

  • The casualties of war: An excess mortality estimate of lives lost in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict - with Karlinsky, A. - Under review.

  • The impact of early union formation on intimate partner violence in Colombia- Under review.

Research in Progress

  • Interview duration, participation and data quality in mortality-related mobile phone survey: a randomised trial in Malawi with Helleringer, S. (Preparing for submission)

  • “Terrorist insurgencies, family intentions and contraceptive use: evidence from the Sahel”. (Data analysis)

  • “Local violence and obstetric abuse in Mexico” with Svallfors, S. (Data analysis)

  • “Family transitions and quality of intimate relationships among adolescent Syrian refugees in Jordan” with Sieverding, M. (Data analysis)

  • “The impact of exposure to chronic high inflation on family outcomes” with Ozcan, B. and Boertien, D. (Data analysis)

  • “Using mobile phone surveys to capture the mortality impact of terrorism and insurgencies in Burkina Faso” with Helleringer, S. and Ouedraogo, S. (Survey design and study preparation)

  • A demographic documentation of ISIS’s attack on the Yazidi village of Tal Qasab, Tal Banat and Rambousi with Cetorelli, V., Ashraph, S. and Ilyas, B. (Drafting report)

  • The impact of Covid-19 on disposable income and healthcare access in El Salvador with Lagarde, M. (Drafting working paper)

  • “Defining, identifying and estimating stateless populations: a review of the literature and expansion of methods” with Alexander, M., Alexander, R., and UNHCR Expert Group on Statistics on Statelessness. (Working paper available here)